Bespoke Cards

Bespoke Cards are hand drawn onto hammered cream paper, mounted on ivory hammered card, bordered with gold ink, in a luxurious coloured envelope. 

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A5 cards: £8.50 + postage   Buy now

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When love speaks the voice of all the Gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.

William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost



A quote from Lord of the Rings with all of Sam's favourite things!


From Oscar Wilde's 'The Importance of Being Earnest'.


The only truth is music.

     Jack Kerouac


"What he hath done he did to please his mother."

Shakespeare, Coriolanus


I have trusted thee with all the nearest things to my heart.

     William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale

From Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations'.


Wordscape for a friend about to undertake volunteering abroad.


Sherlock Holmes themed card, using titles, publication dates and a quotation.


'My noble father'


Happy birthday with mother and baby goat.


"What should a man do but be merry? For look how cheerfully my mother looks."

Shakespeare, Hamlet


A quote to celebrate a one-year anniversary.

Top Hat

Happy Father's Day Top Hat

Thank You Wordscape

Thank You Wordscape


A Christmas card with a quotation in the form of Durham Cathedral.

Sonnet 116

Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds. O no; it is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken.

William Shakespeare, Sonnet 116


Romeo & Juliet

"Her mother is the lady of the house, and a good and a wise and virtuous."

Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

Birthday Wordscape
Twelfth Night

Birthday Wordscape


I can no other answer make but thanks and thanks and ever thanks.

William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Cricket themed Father's Day Card.

George Herber

Wheat entwined with DNA, and a quote from George Herbert.

Merchant of Venice

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come, and let my liver heat with wine.

William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice


Much Ado About Nothing

I know we shall have revelling tonight.

William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing